Article 148 of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

The injuries provided for in section 1 of the previous article may be punished with a prison sentence of two to five years, depending on the result caused or risk produced:

1st If weapons, instruments, objects, means, methods or forms specifically dangerous to the life or health, physical or mental, of the injured party have been used in the attack.

2nd. If he had mediated cruelty either treachery.

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3rd If the victim is under fourteen years of age or a person with a disability in need of special protection.

4th If the victim were or would have been a wife, or a woman who was or would have been linked to the perpetrator by a similar affective relationship, even without cohabitation.

5th If the victim were a particularly vulnerable person who lives with the perpetrator.

art 148 cp

Article 148 refers to the fact that the injuries provided for in article 147 have a special punishment when they cause the risks or results highlighted in this article.

Following the update published on 06/05/2021 that enters into force on 06/25/2021, section 3 of article 148 is modified by final provision 6.13 of Organic Law 8/2021, of June 4. Previously, it said the following:

3rd If the victim is under twelve years of age or a person with a disability in need of special protection.

Article 148.3º – Modified with effect from 06/25/2021