Article 129 bis of the Penal Code

  Penal Code

If they are convicted of the commission of a serious crime against life, personal integrity, freedom, sexual freedom or indemnity, terrorism, or any other serious crime that entails a serious risk to life, health or the physical integrity of persons, when from the circumstances of the event, background, assessment of their personality, or other available information it can be assessed that there is a relevant danger of criminal repetition, the judge or court may agree to take biological samples of your person and carrying out analyzes to obtain DNA identifiers and register them in the police database. Only the necessary analyzes may be carried out to obtain identifiers that exclusively provide genetic information revealing the identity of the person and their sex.

If the affected person objects to the collection of the samples, their forced execution may be imposed by resorting to the minimum coercive measures essential for their execution, which must in all cases be proportionate to the circumstances of the case and respectful of their dignity.

art 129 bis cp

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Article 129 bis of the Penal Code Spanish refers to the taking of biological samples to compare with police data.