Authority abuse

  Criminal law, crimes

He authority abuse it is unfortunately something that is still quite common today and that many people suffer from. Achieving its eradication is one of the main things that the law tries to control. 

Abuse includes using a resource or treating a person in an inappropriate, illegal, or unlawful manner. Authority, on the other hand, it is the power, sovereignty, command or influence of anyone who exercises government. 

It is because of this that here we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the subject of authority abuse. So that you know more about this and know if you are being a victim of some kind of authority abuse

What exactly is abuse of authority?

It can be said that the authority abuse occurs when a leader or superior abuses his position and authority over someone who is in a state of dependence or submission. A form of abuse of power occurs when a person in office or power takes advantage of the power vested in him or her for personal gain and does not fulfill its obligations adequately. 

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 For their part, the security forces are guilty of abuse of power when they resort to violence and abuse of his authority. An example of this type of situation occurs when the police detain a person without a good reason and do not allow the person in question to speak. 

 Before him authority abuse, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are often launched to defend human rights. Something that many people really know and should know today is everything related to these NGOs.

 For criminal law, the authority abuse is committed by an entity invested with public power and this person, in the exercise of their administrative functions. Has carried out acts contrary to its obligations of services provided by law, causing moral or physical damage to third parties. 

  Abuse of power occurs in contexts such as politics, work and family 

 While abuse of power or authority occurs in many different contexts, at work, in politics and in the family. Now, whatever the context, it is a coincidence that whoever exercises power exercises this power to subdue the disadvantaged and thus achieve the objectives set. 

 Several mechanisms are used, but the most common are verbal and physical intimidation and, of course, physical violence. Late death can often have a tragic cause with the death of a subordinate. 

In politics, it is common for a leader to threaten to arrest someone from the opposition if they do not stop making accusations. 

 Likewise, in families the abuse of power is frequent., for example between parents and children, parents punishing their children if they get bad grades. Also between spouses, especially when this situation occurs when one of them is weaker than the other and has a submissive attitude. 

This is often the case for many women who experience violence of all kinds because they cannot afford to leave their husbands. This last type of abuse is known today as gender violence and it must be said that lately it is increasing not only in number of cases but also in violence. 

 For example, in many countries around the world, the crime of murdering a female spouse is classified as a femicide, which ends with a life sentence for any person who commits this crime.  It is quite common for some people who work in the security forces of a state to abuse their power, especially when they use excessive violence and violate the rules that apply to them. 

They are involved, or when they do not allow the detainee to contact a lawyer to defend himself against what he is accused of, among other possibilities. He authority abuse is an unwanted act that is classified as a crime in most of the world's laws and has penalties for those who commit it.

With this you already know a little more about the subject of authority abuse And how can you be affected by it?