Criminal lawyer

  Criminal law

criminal lawyer is a professional who is in charge of legal files that are based on the Criminal law, based on two major rules:

The criminal code

It is a punitive rule, because establishes the penalties and sanctions of the crimes that are committed. The name of each possible crime and the fines corresponding to each one are established in its text.

Each crime must be explained in detail in its variants so that, when this rule is observed, there are no doubts about its application so that justice is administered in the punishable actions.

Criminal lawyer
Criminal lawyer

Criminal Procedure Law

Approved in 1882, this standard It brings together the actions that the law takes against crimes and misdemeanors.

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He criminal lawyer will guide and be available to the person who needs to carry out a demand framed against the following issues and crimes where their expertise and specialized knowledge are needed:

Depending on the seriousness of these crimes and the large penalties or fines that may result, a lawyer is needed that he knows very well about the matter, that he is practical, safe and firm in his decisions, that allows the person to be defended to know exactly the criminal situation in which he finds himself.

Along with the above, a professional who is capable of gathering the necessary evidence to defend his client in the case, because bad advice can change a person's life forever.

Training to be a criminal lawyer

For be able to practice as a criminal lawyer must be formed in:

  • Bachelor's degree or graduation in Law.
  • Master of access to the Legal Profession.
  • Tuition in the Bar Association.
  • Master in Criminal Law.

This professional must have two qualities that can make a trial won or lost, and are argumentation and oratory skills. You must be mentally agile, observant and loquacious, to counteract the sayings of others and their arguments.

You must always be very up to date with the rules and the jurisprudence, since they advance daily.

A lawyer He can defend a person even knowing that he is guilty. In that case, he will be the one who defends his rights and negotiates before the Court the lowest sentence for his client.

What does a criminal lawyer do?

The criminal lawyer deals with the following functions that are inherent to their training:

  1. Advice: In a first communication or contact with the client, you must inform them of their real situation and inform them of what they are accused of. There you define what your action will be. The feasibility of the accusation will be studied and an agreement will be made to defend your rights, whether you are being accused of a crime or are the victim. Advice will be given throughout the process, because the person will surely have to make certain decisions and a strategy will be carried out.
  2. Accompaniment: A first meeting may also mean that you must accompany the detainee for his first statement, or to guide him in his options to declare or remain silent.
  3. Gathering of evidence and arguments for the client's defense: At this stage all the data, of all types that can be gathered, even prior to the alleged event, will be essential. They must be legal and jurisprudential evidence.
  4. Analysis of the chronology of events: a tour is made of everything that happened, and of the moments where the witnesses.
  5. Defense analysis: just as everything that corresponds to the defendant is analyzed, one must also be very attentive to the evidence and arguments presented by the defense, in order to oppose or argue against them.
  6. Surveillance and guarantee of the invulnerability of the rights of the accused: both by the members of the court and the security forces.
  7. Update of information: Throughout the legal process the client must be informed of what is happening.
  8. Negotiation: At certain times the lawyer has the ability to negotiate in the best interest of the person.
  9. Preparation of defense arguments: at the time of oral trial, the lawyer must be very prepared to speak with reason and have good arguments. You must organize your defense well, to provide grounds in favor of your client, know how to respond competently to the pressures of a trial and benefit the person as much as possible.

Choosing the right criminal lawyer

Judicial processes are usually very long and take a long time to resolve. The client's relationship with his criminal lawyer will also be a relationship that lasts over time.. Choosing well who defends the rights of the person is very important.

Do not count on a good criminal lawyer It can result in the loss of time, a lot of money, it can even cost years in prison if a person cannot be properly defended.

Companies also hire criminal lawyers either on a temporary or permanent basis. The services you offer to that company are of great importance, because they could make you lose or gain large sums of money.

What to keep in mind when finding the best criminal lawyer in Spain

The data that must prevail when choosing it are:

  • May your training be what is needed to face this process.
  • Make sure you have experience in that field.
  • Listen to recommendations from other clients you have worked with.
  • Consult the cases in which a process has won.
  • Have a first initial consultation meeting, before deciding.
  • Consult with other attorneys before making a determination.

Be attentive during the process, because sometimes, even if you lose money, it is preferable to change lawyers if things do not go as expected.

If a person must initiate a lawsuit or demand criminal, or if you are already involved in it, have a well-prepared lawyer to defend you, who structures his defense argument well, will be essential for that client.

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